A chisel is a steel tool with a cutting edge at the end of the handle or handle. A chisel is usually held in one hand at a right Angle to the surface of the object to be carved and struck with a MALLET held in the other hand. An engraver uses a chisel to carve stone, wood, metal, or other materials, while a printmaker uses a chisel to make a woodcut plate. Chisels used in woodcuts are often simply called straight to distinguish them from curved chisels.

Method of Use

When using a chisel to punch a hole, the general left hand holds the chisel handle, the right hand holds the hammer, the chisel needs to shake on both sides when punching the hole, in order not to clamp the chisel body, in addition, the wood chips need to be picked out from the hole. A half mortise is cut on the front side, while a pass-through is cut about half from the back side of the member and the other way around until it is cut through.

Main categories and uses

Chisels are classified into different shapes according to different uses:
Flat chisel: the knife edge is flat, the knife edge and chisel body is isosceles triangle, mainly used for opening square holes or some square holes repair;
Inclined chisel: the knife edge is 45° Angle, the knife edge and the chisel body are inverted right triangle, mainly used for repairs, most of them are used for carving and some dead corner repairs;
Round chisel: the knife edge is semicircular, mainly used to open round holes or oval holes;
Chisel: The knife edge is V-shaped, now very rare, mainly used in carving and repair;