Anti-theft door is a kind of door that can effectively prevent theft. It is made of special design and materials and has strong security performance. There are many types of anti-theft doors. The following are several common types of anti-theft doors and their characteristics.
Copper door
Copper door is a kind of door made of high-quality copper material, with high density, high strength and good toughness, which can effectively resist theft means such as lock prying and impact. In addition, the surface of copper doors usually adopts special anti-corrosion coating, which can not only improve the durability of doors, but also play a role in preventing corrosion.
Steel wooden doors
Steel and wood door is a kind of door that combines steel and wood. Its wood is embedded with high-strength steel skeleton, which enhances the hardness and stability of the door. In addition, special fireproof materials are usually added to the surface of steel and wood doors, which have good fireproof performance.
Stainless steel door
Stainless steel door is a kind of door made of high-quality stainless steel, which has the characteristics of high hardness, high strength and corrosion resistance. The surface of the stainless steel door is usually subject to special polishing treatment to make it have a beautiful appearance, and at the same time, it also has certain anti-corrosion performance.
Tempered glass door
Tempered glass door is a kind of door made of toughened glass, which has high impact resistance and heat resistance, as well as good transparency and beauty. A special membrane material is usually added to the outside of the tempered glass door, which can effectively increase the safety performance of the door.
To sum up, the above types of anti-theft doors have their own characteristics. When choosing anti-theft doors, consumers can choose the appropriate category according to their own needs and budget. Of course, no matter what type of anti-theft door is selected, attention should be paid to its quality and installation effect to ensure that the door can play its due safety performance.