Lock body

The components of a lock

The lock body is one of the components of the lock, there are many kinds of lock body, common one-way lock body, three-way lock body, four-way lock body and so on. Generally used in anti-theft doors, responsible for the basic anti-theft work of anti-theft doors, the lock core is to control the operation of the lock body, the lock body is responsible for opening and locking doors and Windows, plays an important role in anti-theft.


There are many kinds of lock body, common one-way lock body, three-way lock body, four-way lock body and so on
Mainly responsible for the basic security door anti-theft work. The lock body is responsible for opening and locking the doors and Windows, which plays an important role in anti-theft!

Functional classification

Single tongue
Mainly used for room door, office and other non-entry door environment, it can also be matched and used with intelligent access control system, intelligent door lock has the function of mechanical door lock, also has the function of intelligent lock, that is convenient and safe.
Heaven and earth lock
As the name suggests, this kind of lock body is locking the door at the same time, driven by the lock body transmission device lock point and lock point (respectively in the door page on the edge and the bottom edge), coupled with the four cylindrical lock points, when locking the door, you can lock the door on three sides, plus the door hinge four square page and door frame lock together, so there is a good skid, anti-collision function.
When identifying their own security door is a three-way lock, take a look at the door frame, whether there is a corresponding hole, so that the lock point of the door lock extends into the door frame, there should be up and down. Second, look at the door lock, open the door, use the key to lock the lock, whether there is a lock point from the inside.
Turn it on and turn it off
This is the new anti-theft lock body of heaven and earth lock, it is very convenient to open and close the door. You don’t need a key to lock the door or to open the locked door, just lift up the handle. This lock body is only suitable for steel and wood doors (the kind without Windows), full airtight doors. Because it has the function of quick opening and quick closing, so this kind of lock body can not be used for fence type stainless steel anti-theft door, fence anti-theft door, the reason is very simple, as long as you use a thin stick to lift the door handle, the door will open. It will not prevent theft.

To sum up

The lock body should be selected according to the type of the door and the actual situation. Safety should come first, then convenience.