Anti-theft Steel Security Metal Front Exterior Door

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Anti-theft Steel Security Metal Front Exterior Door For Sale

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Standard Size
2050*860/960/1200/1500/1600/1800mm or can be customized
Thickness of door leaf
Steel sheet thickness
0.3/0.7mm,0.4/0.8mm, 0.5/1.0mm, 0.6/1.2mm, 0.7/1.2mm, 0.8/1.4mm ect.
Honeycomb paper: Heat Insulation, Anacoustic
Rock wall: Fireproof, Anacoustic, Heat Insulation
Fireproof Board: Fireproof, Heat Insulation
main lock + side lock + up-down lock(second can be customized)
Door Sill
Stainless steel, stable performance, Antirust
Surface treatment
Heat-transfer/Powder coated
Lead time
15-25 Days
Swing direction 
inward or outward, left or right
Wall thickness
8cm or can be customized


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