The Buying Guide For The Steel Doors

How to buy a steel door for your house is a question before your decision.

Yes, a nice door will bring you happiness and a better house. here we will have some suggestions as buying guide.

1.When choosing a door, the thickness of the door should be observed and selected, generally ranging from 5cm to 9cm. Consumers need to buy according to their own needs. It is not that the thicker the door, the better. The thicker door has better sound insulation effect, but the door will become very heavy. If the hinge is not good, it will fail after a long time.

2.The most important part of the anti-theft door is the lock, which is directly related to the quality of the anti-theft door. When choosing an anti-theft door, you must choose a good quality lock.

3.The quality of the sealing strip will affect the compactness of the anti-theft door. The sealing strip has the function of shockproof and mute. When purchasing, consumers can check the number of cracks, and use a relatively thin paper to clamp it in the door seam and close the door to see. Is it hard to extract.

4.quality of workmanship; although there are many novel styles of anti-theft doors, when we buy it, we should not only look at the appearance, but also the quality, mainly depends on whether its phosphating treatment is good or not, and whether there is discoloration or paint peeling. The condition of the door, especially whether the welding condition of each part of the door is good, and whether there is any bad welding.

5.automatic locks and password locks; automatic locks and password locks are all-round locks, mainly used for closed anti-theft doors. The combination lock has excellent anti-theft performance, the password is not easy to be cracked, and usually has multiple lock points. The automatic lock, although it does not have a password, is easy to operate. Once locked, the 15 lock points of the three lock positions can be closed at the same time, which is very convenient and has stronger security.