The door covers

Terms of architectural decoration

Door cover is a kind of architectural decoration term, refers to the door inside and outside the two door frames. Or they’re just called doorjambs. Its main role is to fix the door and protect the corner, decoration and so on. It is commonly used in the process of decoration to protect doors from scratches, corrosion, damage, dirt and so on.


Door one of the main contents of home decoration, its shape, material, color has a very important impact on the style of the whole family decoration. The vast majority of families do door cover, therefore, what kind of door cover to do, to some extent determines the personality of home decoration.
Door cover is one of the main contents of home decoration, but also connected to the closing of interior decoration materials, so that the process is more perfect. The door cover can also repair the problems of door and window frame sealing and ventilation leakage in the decoration process. The door cover used by the vast majority of modern families is installed at the same time when the finished wooden door is purchased, which to some extent has decided the personality of the home decoration.

Door cover material

The durability of the door depends on the door cover. Now many manufacturers offer external prices, generally density plate door cover. The density plate door cover is formed by high temperature and high pressure after solid wood is crushed. The advantage is that the surface is good, but the disadvantage is also obvious. The grip force is relatively poor, the screws are easy to loosen after tightening, and there will be wood chips when twisting back and forth. After a long time, some doors will sink and rub against the ground. Some doors need to be lifted to close tightly.
The density board is not waterproof and moisture-proof. It expands easily when exposed to water just like a sponge absorbs water. It is suggested that the best choice of solid wood composite door cover. Solid wood composite door cover is made of solid wood core, conducive to nail grip, at the same time outsourcing decorative board is beautiful and prevent the deformation of the door frame, window frame. That is to say, solid wood composite door covers concentrate the double advantages of solid wood and density board, high strength, not easy to deformation, at the same time, good sound insulation effect, moisture resistance, but also more environmental protection. Of course, in the price, the solid wood composite door cover is higher than the density plate door cover. Therefore, the choice of door cover, solid wood or solid wood composite door cover is much better than the density board, especially the bathroom door cover is best not to choose the density board.


The original function is to fix the door and protect the corner of the wall (because the former wall did not have or very few of the high quality wall paint now, it is needed to protect).
But now this problem no longer exists, also lost the actual functional needs, and became a purely personal aesthetic needs.

The installation

If it is the traditional way – the on-site production of the door cover, is fixed by the on-site decoration workers directly with nails on the door wall; If it is the installation of complete door products (now more and more users are using complete door products), we should consider two problems:
First, whether the technical structure of the corresponding complete door products conforms to the three technical characteristics of firmness, accuracy and stability required by complete door products;
The second is the standardization of the installation site survey and the installation process of the complete set of doors (such as the possible influence of blowing agent on the firmness, accuracy and stability of the door in the future).
1. Check the specifications, opening direction and related accessories of the door according to the design drawings.
2. Measure the height and width of the door with a tape measure. The standard height and width of the door is 200cm×80cm; The height and width of the bathroom door are 200cm x 70cm. The size should be corrected in time if there is any discrepancy.
3. Measure the position line, determine the position of the door frame, pull out the vertical line with the ink cartridge, and one side door hole has two vertical lines.
4. Drill holes with a hammer drill on the vertical line, and the distance between holes and holes is about 30cm. There are 10 holes in two rows of one side door. The hammer drill bit should be 12mm and the drilled hole depth should be about 6cm.
5. Nail small wooden wedges into the holes one by one with an iron hammer to fix the door frame plate. The volume size of small wooden wedge is 5cm×1.5cm×1.5cm. It is better to make larch, because the wooden structure of larch is tight and not easy to loose.
6. Open the material to make the door frame. The size of the woodboard for both sides of the door frame keel is 200cm× 3cm×8cm, and the size of the woodboard for the top keel of the door frame is 80cm×3cm×8cm. Glue the high density nine centimetre board onto the keel and secure it with the air gun nail.
7. Connect the three door frames according to the shape of the door, and fix them at the joint with big nails.
8. Use a plane to smooth the surface of the connected door frame, trim the edges and corners, and have sharp edges.
9, put the door frame on the door hole, according to the horizontal line of the wall, take wood or brick under the door frame cushion, adjust the height of the door frame. 5cm below is reserved for the keel of the floor.
10. Nail a nail on the top of the door frame, hang the line vertically, adjust the vertical of the door frame through the line sag, and fix the door frame on the door hole with a twist nail while measuring.
11. Make the lines of the door face. The door face can be bought ready-made, or it can be made by the construction personnel according to the drawings. After the production is completed, the door face is fixed to the door frame six, so that the door cover is basically complete.
12. Put the door on the door cover, determine the specific position of the hinge on the door cover, and then cut out the caliber according to the thickness of the hinge. Also cut out the caliber of the lock sleeve. Install the door on the door cover and tighten the hinge with a gong wire knife. Notice that the gap between the door and the door cover shall not be greater than 1.5mm, and smooth opening and closing shall prevail.
13. Remove the attachments and dust on the surface of the door cover, and then apply putty. Before applying putty, paste the paper between the door face and the wall to prevent the paint from sticking to the wall. When applying putty, be sure to evenly repair the nail eye on the door cover.
14. Spray paint. The paint spraying effect will be more delicate, and the details can be brushed.
15. Install the lock on the keyhole, being careful not to damage the paint.


1 Nail the door stop, usually cut into small strips of white pine bought;
2 Nail the joinery board; Need yuan nail;
3 Decoration panel; Need a strong glue;
4 Wood line production, skin.