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Anti-theft doors have been a problem for people for a long time. In history, people have used various methods to protect their property and family safety. Early security doors were usually made of wood and used locks and latches to prevent intruders. With the progress of science and technology, great changes have taken place in […]

Protective door A gate Protective door is a kind of door that can resist various shock waves or heavy objects. It is generally made of steel material. A protective door is a door that can resist various shock waves or heavy objects. Protective doors are generally made of steel materials.

Lock body The components of a lock The lock body is one of the components of the lock, there are many kinds of lock body, common one-way lock body, three-way lock body, four-way lock body and so on. Generally used in anti-theft doors, responsible for the basic anti-theft work of anti-theft doors, the lock core […]

Wall Architectural terms The wall mainly includes load-bearing wall and non-load-bearing wall, which mainly plays the role of enclosure and separation of space. The wall of a building with load-bearing structure is a combination of load-bearing and enclosure. The role of the wall of a building with skeleton structure system is to enclose and separate […]

Building intercom Security protection system Building intercom is a security system. It is a management system, commonly known as building intercom system, that realizes the communication between visitors, residents and property management center in multi-storey or high-rise buildings, carries out information exchange and realizes the safe access control of the community. Visitors can conveniently call […]

The appearance of steel doors on the market is very similar to that of anti-theft doors. From the point of view of anti-theft performance, the standard anti-theft door steel plate is thick, strong impact resistance, and the implementation is the national mandatory standard; The implementation of steel doors is their own enterprise standards, steel doors […]

Quick pass door Access control system The security door, also called the fast door, belongs to the access control system, is one of the important parts of the modern entrance and exit control. Driven by a control system, the doors open and close automatically, and the mode of operation can be selected through programming Settings: […]

Lock Core The main part that controls the opening of the lock The lock core adopts a number of anti-theft technologies and a variety of special-shaped anti-drawing pins to eliminate technical opening. With unique pin and blade structure design, it has high safety performance against technical opening. The lock liner is equipped with precision number […]

Stainless steel security door Made of stainless steel material with superior anti-theft performance of the door Stainless steel anti-theft door is made of stainless steel material with superior anti-theft performance of the door. Introduction Stainless steel anti-theft door is a kind of anti-theft door. Because of different materials, it is divided into stainless steel anti-theft […]