Door lock

Most used in homes and public places

A door lock is a device designed to lock the door and prevent others from opening it. There are many categories of door locks. The requirements for door locks are not the same on various occasions. Ordinary families generally use anti-theft door locks, which have high security and cheaper prices.

Material of door lock

Zinc alloy, aluminum, pure copper.

Classification of technology

Because of the different lock technology and application, the door lock is divided into the following categories:
Ball door lock
The handle of the door lock is spherical, the production process is relatively simple and the cost is low. In our country, it is commonly used for indoor door locks because of poor security.
The main materials of the products are iron, stainless steel and copper
Iron is used in the inner structure of the product, the shell is mostly stainless steel, and the lock core is mostly copper
Three bar handle lock
Refers to the door lock handle for the door handle, the production process is relatively simple, low cost. In our country, it is commonly used for indoor door locks because of poor security
Product material is mainly iron, stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy
Iron is used in the inner structure of the product, the shell is mostly stainless steel, the lock core is mostly copper, and the lock handle is made of zinc alloy
Core handle lock
The lock is divided into two types: split-body lock and join-body lock
Product material is more, zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper
Product safety is better, often used in door, room door.
Office applications are more common.
Glass door lock
With the advent of glass doors came many glass locks.
The advantage of the glass lock is that the glass does not need to be perforated
Good safety performance.

Related Knowledge

Anti-theft door lock standard
The door lock is widely used and can be seen every day, but there are many levels of anti-theft door locks, that is, anti-theft levels. The following is a comparison table of anti-theft locks and anti-theft technical indicators, according to which we can understand the security performance of our own door level locks.

The serial number
Technical standard of inspection item
Class A (National standard)
Class B (GB)
Super Class B (enterprise standard)
Security door resists abnormal opening time
Drill proof break time
Anti saw damage time
Anti-pry damage time
Anti-tension damage time
Anti impact damage time
Anti technology turn on time
Rate of interaction

Electronic door lock
Electronic door locks appear with the development of electronic technology. They are incomparable to mechanical locks in terms of convenience of use, anti-illegal opening and intelligent management. Therefore, they are widely used in industries with high safety requirements. The main common market is magnetic card, IC card, TM card, RF card electronic door lock. In many brands, many varieties of electronic door locks, how to choose? In the selection of electronic door locks, the following principles should be grasped.
The environment in which the function is to be combined
The functional requirements should be determined based on the application, as different use environments have different functional priorities. As an electronic door lock for the office of financial institutions, it must have the following functions: the function of time limit for all key cards, the function of door opening record, and the function of hierarchical management. On the basis of the basic functions, in order to adapt to the future development, we can consider the expansion of the lock system (the system can manage the staff office, public channels, special channels, etc.), consider the technical interface of the card system and other issues, to achieve real-time monitoring of the status of the room door, in the case of extraordinary events can control the opening of the door, etc. The best solution is the network door lock, and consider the interface of other IC card system together, in order to achieve a card.
Safety and stability are extremely important
Door lock as a security products must have security, stability. Security can be measured from two aspects: one is the resistance to vandalism, mischief and deliberate prying, drilling and other violent damage. In this respect, the mechanical strength of mechanical locks and electronic locks can generally meet the requirements. And in all kinds of door locks, only the RF card electronic door lock is fully closed structure, its security is the best. The second is to open the prevention technology, the ability of mechanical lock to open the prevention technology is very poor. Mechanical locks of any kind can be opened by other means. The fact that the keys can be copied is a huge security risk. In the electronic door lock, the magnetic card is easy to copy because there is no password limit. IC card and RF card completely solve the problem of prevention technology open.
As a door lock, its stability is also very important. Failure to open the door when it should be opened, and failure to close the door when it should be closed may bring serious losses to financial enterprises. Generally speaking, several kinds of electronic door locks, RF card electronic door locks stability is significantly higher than other electronic door locks. Magnetic card is afraid of strong magnetic field, IC card is afraid of oil, dust and static electricity (especially in dry weather and wool products put together), and the RF card has the characteristics of fully sealed, waterproof, anti-static, anti-dust. From the way to read the card, only the radio frequency card reading card does not contact, its longest service life.
Technological trends should be considered
IC card can be used as identity identification, ticket, electronic wallet, etc., and contact IC card electronic door lock card operation inconvenient (long operation time), poor adaptability to the environment and other insurmountable problems make it gradually eliminated, especially in the public and semi-public use environment, such as attendance, dining consumption, bus system, parking lot, etc. Contactless IC card electronic door lock is just produced a new type of electronic door lock. Because of its high reliability, high security, no contact, quick and convenient operation, long service life and become contact IC card electronic door lock replacement products.

Maintenance of door lock

Different from commercial hardware standards, civilian hardware accessories used for a long time, prone to appear here, there many problems. Especially the door lock, this kind of high load operation of parts, long service life, it will inevitably appear a little failure. Often found some users and friends, home door lock damage is often caused by improper use or maintenance.
Door lock maintenance should pay attention to some matters:
Some friends in the door lock hair, or tight, often like to drop some lubricating oil to the keyhole, so that the door may immediately be smooth, but because the oil is easy to stick ash, after the keyhole will be easy to slowly accumulate dust, and the formation of oil putty, which instead makes the door more prone to failure.
Correct solution: Cut some pencil or candle scraps, blow into the lock through a thin tube, and then insert the key and turn it several times.
Not open the door properly
Sometimes, due to the gravity of the door itself, or the reason of the door leaf, resulting in the sinking of the door, the phenomenon of locking or opening the door is not smooth. At this time, it is often very difficult to open and lock the door with a key. At this point, do not twist the key forcibly, so as not to break the key and increase the trouble.
The right solution: Look at the cause first. If the door is sinking because of the loose loose leaf, the loose loose leaf should be fixed with screws. If the door frame deformation or its causes can not be restored, can start from the door frame, the lock tongue corresponding expansion, so that the door lock can be restored to normal and smooth.

Door lock level

Anti-theft door lock in accordance with the national “General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft Security door” and the Ministry of Public Security “Mechanical Anti-theft lock” provisions, determine whether the mechanical lock matching anti-theft door qualified can be opened from the anti-destructive time; The time of technical opening; The same brand, the same specifications of anti-theft lock between the rate of three aspects such as judgment. And there are two kinds of universal anti-theft door locks, divided into A and B. The destructive opening time of Class A anti-theft lock shall be no less than 15 minutes, and the anti-technical opening time shall be no less than 1 minute. The anti-destructive opening time of the B-class anti-theft lock is 30 minutes, and the anti-technical opening time is not less than 5 minutes. From the point of view of the situation, the B-class security lock is the highest level of protection in the GA/T73 Mechanical Security Lock issued by the Ministry of Public Security.