Door plate

One of the building structures

What it means:
1, the relatively simple wooden door of the house (mostly refers to take down for other uses).
2. The side of the shop facing the street acts like the board of the door, which is unloaded in the morning and installed in the evening.

Tips for Buying

PVC blister door panel

PVC plastic molding door panel is PVC film through vacuum adsorption to milling and coated medium density substrate, usually plastic molding door panel suction side of the other side with MFC paper to balance, but often PVC film stress and MFC paper stress does not match, resulting in plate bending, and the reverse side of the white aesthetic degree is not good, if both sides are done with PVC film, Then there is no stress mismatch problem, and increase the beauty, but made of double-sided blister in the process and cost increased.
Taking into account the high cost of double-sided blister, can not meet the needs of the masses of consumers, and a new single-sided blister, and strict quality, and constantly improve the process, in order to overcome the shortcomings of single-sided blister, to meet the needs of consumers.
In addition to the door panel mentioned above, there are melamine board, UV board, paint board, fireproof board
Melamine board
Also known as (MFC), particleboard as the base material. The main advantages of particleboard are light weight, strong nail grip, good moisture and water resistance, easier to control the release of formaldehyde, not easy to deformation and so on.
In fact, it is the same as the cabinet material mentioned before, but the color of the paper is more diverse.
Features: good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, water resistance in general, economic, the pursuit of simplicity, emphasis on cheap TX can be considered.
Paint board: The base material of paint board is density board. The surface is made of imported paint by spraying and baking at high temperature for many times.
Features: bright color and easy to shape, with a strong visual impact, very beautiful fashion and excellent waterproof performance, strong anti-fouling ability, easy to clean. The disadvantage is that the technical level is high, the rejection rate is high, so the price is high; Use should also be carefully cared for, afraid of bumps and scratches, but a damage is difficult to repair, to replace the whole; The color difference is easy to appear in the kitchen with more lampblack. More suitable for appearance and quality requirements are relatively high, the pursuit of fashion of young high-end consumers.
Fire protection board
It is composed of surface paper + colored paper + multi-layer kraft paper, its base material is particleboard. Fire-proof board has the characteristics of wear-resisting, high temperature durable consumer goods, scratch resistance, penetration resistance and easy cleaning.
Features: Good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, poor water resistance. If the use rate of the kitchen at home is relatively high, special attention to durability, then you can consider choosing this material.
UV board: is the use of high quality, environmental protection, moisture-proof high density board as the base material, through the printing, UV primer, UV finish and other processing processes, made of a new environmental protection, high light, wear resistance, aging resistance of the door. Its surface is coated with a transparent and environmentally friendly UV curing paint and cured by strong ultraviolet light.
Features: bright surface treatment, bright color, has a strong visual impact, wear resistant, long service life, does not change color, easy to clean, high cost, high requirements for mechanical equipment and technology, is the ideal cabinet door board.

Collocation Tips

The shape of the door

The modeling of the door panel is according to the appearance of the cabinet modeling and set, but the general traditional form is only the regular square, in the case of the economy can consider other modeling style.
The pattern of the door panel
The surface of the door is noteworthy, it can be smooth, matte surface; It can also be wood grain, metal, crystal surface. Therefore, buyers need to consider the overall style of the home and the use of the main materials of furniture, the surface of the door panel for the corresponding choice.
The color match of the door panels
The color of the door panel lays the main tone of the combined cabinet. Therefore, the color selection must pay attention to the space tone, including the color matching of the wall, ceiling, floor and furniture.