The bell on the door

“Doorbell” this thing is rarely heard of in ancient China. Rich families are equipped with decorative door knockers on the gate. The doorknocker can tap the nail under the door knocker to make a larger sound, which has the function of modern “doorbell”. The “doorbell” often appears in ancient films of foreign movies, and most of them show rich people hanging a large bronze handle in front of the door. When the coachman brought the guest to the door, he would pull it and stir the bell inside as a sign of arrival. In modern times, “doorbell” is no longer a special rich family, “doorbell” has been widely used in the common people. Various kinds of doorbell can be found everywhere, and the function of doorbell is not limited to calling the door for guests.

Introduction to Doorbell

A Doorbell is a bell on a door that makes a sound to alert the owner of a visitor. Now the more common doorbell has ordinary wireless doorbell, wireless doorbell without batteries and wired doorbell.

Wireless doorbell

Battery free wireless doorbell means that the transmitter adopts energy capture technology, which can collect the energy when the user presses the doorbell button and convert it into electric energy to drive the doorbell sound microphone. Its indoor machine is the doorbell sound needs to be connected to the mains. The control signal generated by the doorbell button is sent out through the wireless signal transmitter, and the wireless signal receiver of the indoor unit receives the wireless signal and rings the bell.

Active doorbell

Introduction to the
Active wireless doorbell is often seen in daily life doorbell, its transmitter relies on 12V battery power supply, the receiver relies on battery power or connected to the mains. The doorbell button transmits a wireless signal, which is received by the wireless signal receiver of the indoor unit and then rings the bell.
Wireless doorbell from the content of transmission, can be divided into wireless non-visible doorbell and wireless visible doorbell.
Wireless non-visual doorbell

The wireless non-visual doorbell transmits only voice signals. When a visitor rings the doorbell, the host can only hear the sound and not see the image of the visitor. Connected electric lock can be used indoor remote control electric lock door. Wireless intercom access control system integrates wireless intercom and remote control door opening, overcoming the traditional wireless doorbell, access control system can not talk, can not remote control door opening defects. Avoid the trouble of cable system construction wiring, is the traditional doorbell, access control system upgrade products. Suitable for all kinds of offices, villas and multi-storey buildings.

Wireless video doorbell

The wireless video doorbell can both make voice calls and see the visitor’s image. Wireless visual doorbell product features: 1. Visual intercom function: there are guests to visit, press the doorbell, free intercom call voice clear, such as in front of; 2. Outdoor monitoring function: the door has a strange sound, gently press, it will be clear at a glance, security; 3. Remote control unlocking function: family comes home too late; It’s too cold outside; Don’t want to get up in bed; Don’t want to get up at the computer; Gently press, people can see, automatic unlock; 4. Photo archive function: the host is not at home, there are guests to visit. As long as the bearer taps the doorbell, it will automatically take a picture of the storage, the master comes back after free inquiry. Not to miss an important meeting; 5. Anti-demolition alarm function: if the door machine is damaged, the indoor and outdoor units will alarm.

Wired doorbell

Between the transmitter and the receiver is connected by wire, the signal sent by the transmitter is transmitted to the receiver through the wire, so the signal is more stable, there will be no false ring, but the wiring is more troublesome, it is likely to need to chisel the wall, so in recent years gradually faded out of the market.