Quick pass door

Access control system

The security door, also called the fast door, belongs to the access control system, is one of the important parts of the modern entrance and exit control. Driven by a control system, the doors open and close automatically, and the mode of operation can be selected through programming Settings: once the entry is verified to be authorized, the doors open automatically. Closed after delay, delay time can be adjusted.


Fast door belongs to the access control system, is one of the important parts of modern access control.


According to the different movement modes of the door wing, the common fast pass door can be divided into shear door (wing gate) and swing door. (1) Shear doors are often used in rail transit, and common shear doors are mostly used in subway and other places. The door wing extends from the inside of the box, which can effectively close the channel and play the role of access control. In addition, the interior of the door body is equipped with infrared sensing device, which can realize the purpose of “one person, one card: single passage. (2) Swing door appears later than shear door, belonging to the second generation of speed through door. The characteristic of this kind of fast pass door is that the running direction of the door wing is forward and backward. The operation process is within the line of sight of the human body, which is safer. In addition, since the door wings do not have to be retracted into the box, the swing door style is more variable. Because of the above characteristics, swinging doors are generally used in banks, enterprise buildings, high-end office buildings and other places.

Functional Features

1, anti-trailing function: the channel has infrared light band detection area can be adjusted according to the accuracy requirements of customers with software switch state, to adapt to different needs of the application of light band to avoid the point infrared detector is easy to be polluted, affect the reliability of the judgment shortcomings, can effectively judge the unread card trailing. When the system determines that trailing has occurred, the system will react based on the location of the valid cardholder returned by the infrared detector. Open the door signal issued, there are still some abnormal use will cause alarm.
2, abnormal use: (1) when the door is closed, the reverse intruder pedestrian steps into the door after the authorized door opening signal is issued. Before the first safety photoelectric detection belt, if the reverse detection belt detects someone entering, as long as the person does not leave, the buzzer will always issue an alarm, the door remains closed, and the “timing” function does not calculate the time interval at this time. (2) After the door wing is opened, if an unauthorized pedestrian enters the door body detection area in the reverse direction, the door will be closed immediately. As long as the first protective detection belt detects the presence of someone, the “timing” function will not calculate the time at this time, and the door will resume normal work when the person leaves the second detection area. (3) When the pedestrian leaves, the pedestrian passes through the second safety detection area. Before the door returns to the basic state, the second safety detection area detects someone entering again without the legal opening signal, and the alarm system will issue an alarm. But as long as the protective detection area still detects people, the door will remain open. (4) Close following from the first detector detects the pedestrian to the last detector he left the first safety detection belt, the time gap is about 0.25 seconds, after the pedestrian left the first safety detection belt, in the card reader signal did not open the door, the first detection area detects a pedestrian (trailing), alarm ringing, the door is still open. (5) After normally following pedestrians out of the protection detection area, the first safety detection area detects an unauthorized intruder, the door will be immediately closed and the alarm will sound.
3. Drive: DC servo drive system and brushless DC drive system
4. Response of the door body in emergency state: when the door is in operation, when there is a sudden power failure, the door wing will stop at the original position, which can be pushed freely or connected with a 12V battery (when the battery is powered on briefly in the case of power failure, the swing door can be opened). According to the requirements, each device can be installed with an emergency button, press the button to activate the selected emergency response mode. It is normal to open the passageway in times of danger or panic. In the case of emergency such as bandits and police, you can manually close the channel through the remote control button. After power-on or emergency, remove the rear door wing self-check and automatically reset after barrier-free.

Safety Measures

Swing door wing design, the door wing is closed in front of the pedestrian line of sight due to unauthorized entry. Will not cause injury to human body due to pedestrians not to avoid timely. The servo motor drives the door wing, the driving process is gentle, and the rotational torque is constant and less than 120NM. When the door wing is closed due to unauthorized entry, the impact force will not cause harm to human body, which is safer and more reliable than other operation modes. In an emergency, when the flow of people is congested, under the strong stamping of the crowd, the door wing can be pushed forward to safely evacuate the flow of people, and will not lead to accidental casualties.

Process of development

Stage 1: Traditional door (to prevent outsiders from entering and leaving at will)
Stage 2: Electromagnetic gate (through the way of authorization, to make the entry and exit more efficient)
Stage 3: Scissor door (Add anti-tailgating detection to ensure single pass)
Stage 4: Swing door (based on shear door, make the door wing run more safely)
Stage 5: Full height door (full height rectangular toughened safety glass door, faster, more efficient, more secure)