Stainless steel security door

Made of stainless steel material with superior anti-theft performance of the door

Stainless steel anti-theft door is made of stainless steel material with superior anti-theft performance of the door.


Stainless steel anti-theft door is a kind of anti-theft door. Because of different materials, it is divided into stainless steel anti-theft door, iron door, steel and wood structure, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and copper. Stainless steel anti-theft door is made of stainless steel material with superior anti-theft performance of the door. Stainless steel anti-theft door is strong and durable, superior safety performance, to meet the security needs of different occasions, especially the first choice of confidential warehouse “copper wall iron wall”. Popularization of stainless steel doors and Windows is the development trend of doors and Windows industry; Due to the price factors of stainless steel itself, its price positioning is also higher.
According to the provisions of the General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft Security doors, qualified anti-theft doors can not be pry open or open a 615 square millimeter opening on the door door within 15 minutes by using ordinary hand tools such as chisels, screwdriver, crowbar and portable electric tools such as hand drill, or open a 38 square millimeter opening in the semi-circle of 150 square millimeters at the locking point. And the locks used on the anti-theft door must be the special locks with anti-drilling function that have passed the inspection center of the Ministry of Public Security.

Stainless steel security door purchase points

Certificate of conformity
It must have the inspection certificate issued by the statutory testing institution and the production permit certificate of the safety technology prevention product issued by the safety technology prevention department of the provincial public security department (bureau) where the production enterprise is located.
Level of safety
Stainless steel anti-theft door security is divided into A, B, C3 levels. Class C anti-theft performance is the highest, Class B followed, class A is the lowest, most on the market for class A, generally applicable to the general family. Grade A requirements: All steel, flat open fully enclosed, ordinary mechanical hand tools and portable power tools, the weakest link can resist abnormal opening for a net time of more than 15 minutes, or should not be able to cut a 615 square centimeter hole through the door body.
The material
More commonly used stainless steel, beautiful, durable, anti corrosion. Mainly look at two points: (1) the popular stainless steel anti-theft door material to the brand 302, 304 mainly; The steel plate thickness of the door frame is not less than 2cm, the steel plate thickness of the front and back of the door is generally between 0.8cm ~ 1cm, and the frame and reinforcing plate are arranged inside the door.
Qualified stainless steel anti-theft doors generally use three-way locks or five-way locks, not only the door lock, the upper and lower bar can be inserted into the lock, the door to be fixed. Most doors also have a rubber seal built into the frame to close the door without a harsh metal clatter.
Quality of process
Pay attention to see whether there are any defects such as open welding, non-welding, welding leakage, and so on. See whether all joints such as door fan and door frame match are dense, whether the clearance is uniform and consistent, whether the opening is flexible, whether the paint plating is uniform and firm, smooth, etc.