Intelligent home system is based on the use of advanced computer technology, network communication technology, intelligent cloud control, comprehensive wiring technology, medical electronics technology in accordance with the principle of ergonomics, integration of individual needs, The various subsystems related to home life such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas valve control, information appliances, scene linkage, floor heating, health care, sanitation and epidemic prevention, security and security are organically combined together, through the network integrated intelligent control and management, to achieve a “people-oriented” new home life experience.
Also known as Smart housing, commonly used in foreign countries to indicate Smart Home. Similar to the meaning of smart home system are home automation, electronic home, digital home, home network, network home, smart home/building, in Hong Kong and Taiwan and other regions, there are digital home, digital home and other names.


Since the world’s first intelligent building appeared in the United States in 1984, the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia and other economically developed countries have put forward a variety of smart home programs. The Singapore model of home intelligent system includes three table CC function, security alarm function, visual intercom function, monitoring center function, home appliance control function, cable TV access, household information message function, home intelligent control panel, intelligent wiring box, broadband network access and system software configuration.


In 1988, the Electronic Industry Association of the United States prepared the first electrical design standard applicable to the home, that is, the Home Automation System and Communication Standard, also known as the Home bus system standard (HBS); In the beginning of 1997, we began to formulate the “Well-off Residential Electrical Design (Standard) Guidelines” (discussion draft). In the Guidelines, it is stipulated that the electrical design of well-off residential areas should meet the following requirements on the whole: high security, comfortable living environment, convenient means of communication, comprehensive information service, family intelligent system. At the same time, it also puts forward three levels of design standards for the construction of well-off houses and communities in the aspects of security prevention, automation of family equipment, communication and network configuration, namely: the first level is the “ideal target”, the second level is the “universal target”, the third level is the “minimum target”. [1]
On March 10, 1999, Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corporation, announced the Venus Project in Shenzhen. This is a digital home appliance solution tailored to China specifically for China’s information industry and home appliance market. The goal is to create a new product based on Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system that combines computing, entertainment, education, communication, communication and web surfing. The biggest feature of its products is that the price is cheap, easy to learn and use, can meet the needs of non-PC (personal computer, microcomputer) users to use computers and surf the Internet. It’s between computers and home appliances.


The ultimate purpose of smart home is to make the family more comfortable, more convenient, more safe, more environmentally friendly. With the continuous development of human consumption demand and residential intelligence, today’s intelligent home system will have more rich content, the system configuration is more and more complex. Smart home includes network access system, anti-theft alarm system, fire alarm system, TV intercom door restricted area system, gas leak detection system, remote meter reading (water meter, electricity meter, gas meter) system, emergency help system, remote medical diagnosis and nursing system, indoor electrical automatic control management and development system, centralized cooling and heating system, online shopping system, voice and fax ( E-mail) service system, online education system, stock operating system, video on demand, pay TV system, cable TV system, etc.

Based on ARM scheme and GPRS, 3G, 4G network can be remote control, the content of smart home system to achieve expansion.


Smart home system is a kind of living environment for people. It takes the house as the platform to install smart home system, so as to realize the family life is more safe, energy saving, intelligent, convenient and comfortable. With residential as the platform, the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, smart home-system design scheme security prevention technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the facilities related to home life, build an efficient residential facilities and family schedule management system, improve home security, convenience, comfort, art. And to achieve environmental protection and energy saving living environment.
Smart home system allows you to enjoy life easily. When you go out, you can remotely control the intelligent system of your home through telephone and computer. For example, on the way home, you can turn on the air conditioning and water heater in advance. When you open the door at home, with the help of the door magnet or infrared sensor, the system will automatically open the aisle light, open the electronic door lock, security removal, open the home lighting fixtures and curtains to greet your return; Back at home, you can easily control all kinds of electrical equipment in the room with the remote control. You can select preset lighting scenes through the intelligent lighting system to create a comfortable and quiet study while reading. Romantic lighting in your bedroom… All these can be operated calmly by the host sitting on the sofa. A controller can remotely control everything in the house, such as drawing the curtains, pouring water into the bath and automatically heating and adjusting the water temperature, and adjusting the state of the curtains, lighting and sound. The kitchen is equipped with a video phone, so you can make and receive calls or check visitors at the door while cooking. When working in the company, the situation at home can also be displayed on the office computer or mobile phone, at any time to check; The machine at the door has the function of taking photos. If there are visitors when there is no one at home, the system will take photos for you to check back.


Lighting at will
Control random lighting control, press a few buttons can adjust all the room lighting, all kinds of dream lights, you can create! The intelligent lighting system has the soft power, can make the light gradually bright and dim; Light dimming can realize the function of brightness and dimming, so that you and your family to share warmth and romance, at the same time has the effect of energy saving and environmental protection; The function of full on and off can easily realize the one-button full off and one-button full on function of lights and electrical appliances, and has the function of brightness memory.
Simple installation
Smart home systems can be easily installed without destroying partitions or buying new electrical equipment, and can be fully connected to existing electrical equipment in your home, such as lights, phones and appliances. Various electrical appliances and other intelligent subsystems can be controlled at home or fully remote control.
Smart home systems are scalable systems. Initially, your smart home system can only be connected with lighting equipment or common electrical equipment, and in the future, it can also be connected with other devices to adapt to the new needs of smart living.
You can easily upgrade your home to a smart home even after your home has been renovated. Wireless control of smart home system can not destroy the original decoration, as long as some sockets and other places to install the corresponding module can realize intelligent control, not to cause damage to the original house wall.
Principles of Design
Smart home is also known as smart residence. Generally speaking, it is the integration of automation control system, computer network system and network communication technology in one of the networked intelligent home control system. Measuring the success of an intelligent system in a residential community does not only depend on the number of intelligent systems, the advanced or integrated degree of the system, but also depends on whether the design and configuration of the system is economical and reasonable and whether the system can be successfully operated, whether the use, management and maintenance of the system is convenient, and whether the technology of the system or the product is mature and applicable. In other words, Is how to use the least investment, the most convenient way to achieve the greatest effect, to achieve a convenient and high-quality life.
In order to achieve the above goals, the smart home system design should follow the following principles:
Practical convenience
The most basic goal of smart home is to provide people with a comfortable, safe, convenient and efficient living environment. For smart home products, the most important thing is to be practical as the core, to abandon those flashy, can only be used as decoration functions, products to practicability, ease of use and humanization.
We believe that in the design of smart home system, the following most practical and basic home control functions should be integrated according to the needs of users for smart home functions: intelligent home appliance control, intelligent lighting control, electric curtain control, anti-theft alarm, access intercom, gas leakage and so on. At the same time, it can also expand such as three table CC, video on demand and other value-added service functions. For a lot of personalization
Smart home control mode is very rich and diverse, such as: local control, remote control, centralized control, mobile phone remote control, induction control, network control, timing control and so on, its intention is to let people get rid of the tedious business, improve efficiency, if the operation process and program Settings are too tedious, easy to let users have the rejection psychology. Therefore, in the design of smart home must take full account of user experience, pay attention to the facilitation and intuitive operation, it is best to use the graphical control interface, so that the operation of what you see is what you get.
All the intelligent subsystems of the whole building should be able to operate around the clock, and the safety, reliability and fault tolerance of the system must be attached great importance. For each subsystem, appropriate fault tolerance measures are taken in terms of power supply and system backup to ensure the normal and safe use, good quality and performance of the system, and the ability to cope with various complex environmental changes.
Quality of standard
The design of smart home system scheme should be carried out in accordance with the relevant national and regional standards to ensure the scalability and expansibility of the system. Standard TCP/IP protocol network technology is adopted in the system transmission to ensure that the system can be compatible and interconnected between different manufacturers. The front-end equipment of the system is multifunctional, open and extensible. For example, the system host, terminal and module adopt standardized interface design to provide an integrated platform for the external manufacturers of the home intelligent system, and its functions can be expanded. When it needs to add functions, there is no need to excavate the pipe network, which is simple, reliable, convenient and economical. The system and product selected in the design can interconnect the system with the third party controlled equipment which is developing continuously in the future.
Convenience of use
Whether the wiring installation is simple or not is directly related to the cost, scalability, maintainability of the problem, must choose the wiring system is simple, construction can be connected with the community broadband wiring, simple and easy; The equipment is easy to learn, operate and maintain.
The convenient design of the system in the engineering installation and commissioning is also very important.
Home intelligence has a remarkable characteristic, is the installation, debugging and maintenance workload is very large, need a lot of manpower and material resources investment, become the bottleneck restricting the development of the industry. To solve this problem, the convenience of installation and maintenance should be considered in the design of the system. For example, the system can be debugged and maintained remotely through the Internet. Through the network, not only enables the residents to realize the control function of the home intelligent system, but also allows the engineers to check the working condition of the system remotely and diagnose the faults of the system. In this way, the system setting and version update can be carried out in different places, which greatly facilitates the application and maintenance of the system, improves the response speed and reduces the maintenance cost.
Data Security
In the gradual expansion of smart home, there will be more and more equipment connected to the system, it is inevitable to produce more operating data, such as air conditioning temperature and clock data, indoor window switch status data, gas meter data and so on. These data and personal family privacy form an unprecedented degree of correlation, if the data protection is careless, not only will lead to personal habits and other extremely private data leakage, in relation to family security data, such as window state data leakage will directly harm the family security. At the same time, the smart home system is not isolated from the world, but also to review the data entering the system to prevent malicious damage to the home system, even damage to the Internet appliances and equipment. Especially in today’s era of big data, we must protect the security of family big data.

The choose and buy

There are many smart home brands in the domestic market, and there is no unified technical specification. The products of various domestic and international brands have their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. It is often difficult for buyers to make a horizontal comparison when choosing smart home products.
Is the system stable?
System stability is the first consideration when purchasing. The installation of smart home is to bring convenience, safety and comfort to life. If an intelligent system fails to meet the stability requirements and some large and small problems appear from time to time, then it will only bring the user trouble and enjoy the smart home will be out of the question. The stability of the smart home system mainly includes the stability of the product of the sub-control module, the stability of the system operation, the stability of the line structure, the stability of the integrated function, the stability of the running time, etc. If a set of smart home products can meet these requirements on the stability, basically you can be assured to choose.
2. Are the functions integrated?
Smart home is a centralized and unified control of household devices. The core products include communication protocols, system platforms or operating systems, and configuration solutions for the field environment. The corresponding specific products include security equipment, lighting control equipment, multimedia equipment, environmental control equipment, etc. These devices will be concentrated in this system, through the communication protocol of the system, so that each subsystem is connected to each other, information interchange, operation can control each other. If each subsystem is independent operation of the product without centralized control, users will be quite troublesome to use, is not called smart home system. Many manufacturers on the market advertise one or several simple subsystem products as smart home, so in addition to understanding the component functions of each subsystem, more should be asked in detail about the integration performance of the whole system.
3. Is the system concise?
If the smart home system is selected, the corresponding consideration must be made in the stage of house decoration and design, and the installation of home wiring at the same time. To achieve the same function, the simpler the system needs to be configured, which means that the overall system is more integrated and has higher technology content. The so-called “simplicity” includes the number of modules needed to achieve the same function, the capacity limits of the entire system, the number of devices controlled by the module, and the simplicity of the wiring and other aspects of the problem. It can be said that the system is simple or not can comprehensively reflect the integration of smart home products, durability, beauty, as well as the design strength of the manufacturer.
4. Is the system applicable?
Regardless of the brand of smart home products, the key is to fit your needs. The more modules used in the whole system, the higher the complexity, the more expensive the price, the higher the possibility of failure in the future, and the corresponding high maintenance costs. Therefore, we should firmly start from our own needs, consider the use frequency of various functions in the future, and appropriately simplify some flashy functions, which will substantially save costs. In addition, it is necessary to consider whether the system control interface is friendly, and the difference between different users’ habits. In this way, the smart home system can really play a role and provide convenience for users’ life.
5. How scalable is the system?
Smart home is still a new product, the technology used by different manufacturers is different, lack of uniform standards. Moreover, the development speed of relevant technologies is very rapid, and the existing technologies can be said to be transitional technologies. Therefore, it is recommended that users choose products with good compatibility and adopt international general protocols. Relatively mature international general protocols include LonWorks, X-10, etc.
6. How self-protective is the system?
Smart home system under malicious attack or request key data transmission will take what kind of processing method, the system in what form to protect the security of the system (some home systems will try to shut down the system, but there are some devices can not stop running, such as electricity meters), to connect to the network of equipment upstream and downstream data supervision degree, reduce the system data scattering.


The smart home system consists of eight main subsystems: home wiring system, home network system, smart home (central) control and management system, home lighting control system, home security system, background music system (such as TVC flat panel sound), home theater and multimedia system, home environment control system and so on. Among them, smart home (central) control management system (including data security management system), home lighting control system, home security system are essential systems, home wiring system, home network system, background music system, home theater and multimedia system, home environment control system for optional systems.
In the identification of smart home system products, the smart home (smart home system products) produced by manufacturers must belong to the necessary system, can realize the main functions of smart home, can be called smart home. Therefore, smart home (central) control management system (including data security management system), home lighting control system, home security system can be directly referred to as smart home (smart home system products). And the optional system can not be directly called smart home, can only use the combination of smart home and specific system expression method, such as background music system, known as smart home background music. It is misleading for users to call alternative system products as smart home directly.
In the identification of smart home environment, only the complete installation of all the necessary systems, and at least one optional system installed at least one or more smart home can be called smart home.
Wiring system
For an intelligent house, there needs to be a wiring system that can support voice/data, multimedia, home automation, security and other applications. This system is also the wiring system of intelligent house.
Security system
Home security system includes the following aspects: video surveillance, intercom system, access card, emergency help, smoke detection alarm, gas leakage alarm, glass detection alarm, infrared double-detection alarm.


Remote control
You can use the remote control to control the lighting, water heater, electric curtains, water dispenser, air conditioning and other equipment on and off; Through the display screen of this remote control can be in the first floor (or living room) to query and display the second floor (or bedroom) lighting electrical appliances on and off state; At the same time, this remote control can also control the home infrared electrical equipment such as: TV, DVD, stereo and other infrared electrical equipment — universal remote control.
Telephone control
Telephone remote control, high encryption (telephone recognition) multifunctional voice telephone remote control function, when you are on a business trip or outside the home, you can through the mobile phone, fixed phone to control the home air conditioning and curtains, lighting appliances, so that in advance for customers to cool or heat or open and close the state, through the mobile phone or fixed phone to know whether the home circuit is normal, A variety of household appliances (such as the food in the refrigerator, etc.), can also know the indoor air quality (indoor and outdoor can be installed similar to smoke alarm appliances) so as to control the window and ultraviolet sterilization device for ventilation or sterilization, in addition, according to the advantages and disadvantages of the external weather appropriate humidification of the indoor air and the use of air conditioning and other facilities for indoor heating. When the owner is not at home, you can also automatically water plants and feed pets by using your mobile phone or landline. Control bedroom cabinets for clothes, shoes, bedding sterilization, drying and so on.
Timing control
You can set the automatic opening and closing time of some products in advance, such as: the electric water heater automatically opens at 20:30 every night, and automatically shuts down at 23:30, ensuring that you enjoy the hot water bath, but also bring energy saving, comfort and fashion. Of course, the automatic opening and closing time of the electric curtain is not a word.
Centralized control
You can open the lights of the living room, dining room and kitchen at the same time in the entrance porch, kitchen treasure and other electrical appliances, especially at night you can control the lighting of the living room and bathroom in the bedroom, which is convenient and safe, but also can inquire their working status.
Scene control
You gently touch a key, several lights, electrical appliances in your “idea” automatic execution, so that you feel and appreciate the perfect science and technology fashion life and simple, efficient
Network control
In the office, in the field of business trip, as long as there is a network of places, you can log in to your home through the Internet, in the network world through a fixed smart home control interface to control the electrical appliances in your home, provide a free dynamic domain name. It is mainly used for remote network control and query of working status information of electrical appliances. For example, if you are on a business trip, you can control your own lights and electrical appliances thousands of miles away by using the network computer and logging in the relevant IP address. Before returning to the house and boarding the plane, you can turn on the air conditioning or water heater in your home…
Monitoring Function
The video surveillance function enables remote image monitoring and voice calls through a browser (such as Internet Explorer) directly over the LAN or broadband network at any time and anywhere. In addition, it also supports remote PC, local SD card storage, mobile detection email transmission, FTP transmission, and can achieve professional security protection and fun for family remote video and audio shooting and photography.
Alarm function
When there is an alarm, can automatically dial the point phone, and linkage related appliances to do alarm processing
Sharing Function
The home audio control system includes the home video exchange center (video sharing) and the background music system (audio sharing). Is a multimedia platform for home entertainment, it uses advanced microcomputer technology, wireless remote control technology and infrared remote control technology, under the precise control of program instructions, the set top box, satellite receiver, DVD, computer, audio and video server, high-definition player and other multi-channel signal sources, according to the needs of users, Sent to each room of the TV, audio and other terminal equipment, to achieve a shared living room of a variety of audiovisual equipment. Your home is a uniquely designed AV exchange.
Video and audio system technology, automatic classification of a large collection of HD movies, sorting out local movie poster UI experience. APP technology, screen cabinet tablet/mobile application, through the local area network at any time can synchronize the content of the media center for wireless free control.
The living room DVD player, digital TV set-top box, satellite TV receiver and other any 4 kinds of audio-visual equipment shared to 5 rooms to watch and can be remote controlled; (bedroom room, bathroom, study and other rooms optional two plus the living room) for your home CD/TV/FM/MP3 audio source (or digital TV set-top box, satellite TV set-top box, IPTV, network online movie, DVD, etc.) audio and video equipment to solve the sharing problem, for you to solve the remote control of audio and video equipment, channel change, volume operation purpose, As you install a digital TV set-top box in your bedroom (VCD, DVD) satellite TV set-top box the same effect, and its convenience.
Music system
Simply put, in any house, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, can be put on the background music line, through 1 or more audio sources, (CD/TV/FM/MP3 audio sources) can make every room can hear the wonderful background music.
With AV film and television exchange products, it can use the lowest cost, not only realize the sharing of audio and video signals in each room, but also can choose the background music signal source independently by remote control in each room, remote startup, shutdown, channel change, fast forward, fast back, etc. It is the best cost-effective design of audio and video, background music sharing and remote control!
Entertainment system
“Digital entertainment” is the use of the study computer as a home entertainment playback center, the living room or master bedroom big-screen TV play and display content from the Internet a large amount of music resources, film resources, television resources, game resources, information resources and so on.
Wiring system
Is through a general management box telephone line, cable line, broadband network complex line, audio line, known as weak current line unified planning in an orderly state, in order to unified management of the room in the telephone, fax, computer, television, DVD player, security monitoring equipment and other network information home appliances, Make it more powerful, more convenient to use, easier to maintain, and easier to expand new uses. Realize telephone extension, LAN construction, cable TV sharing and so on.
Fingerprint lock
You must have had this kind of embarrassment: for some reason forgot to bring the house key, or family members or guests visit, you just can’t get back immediately, etc. If this time can be in the unit or distant field with mobile phone or phone will open the door, how convenient it is!
And in the unit or distant field with mobile phone or telephone “query” home refers to the digital fingerprint lock “open, close” state, is not let you feel more secure! The world’s top biometric identification, the perfect combination of fingerprint technology and password technology, three independent door: fingerprint, password and mechanical key, safe and convenient
Air conditioning
There is a kind of equipment that does not need to open the window all day (some toilets are closed), but can regularly replace the filtered fresh air for you (the air outside is filtered in, and the cloudy air inside is removed).
A pet sitter
What a fun and stylish life it would be to dial your home phone and be able to feed and hear your beloved pet! Developed a high-tech, easy to operate telephone remote control, automatic timing control, remote control pet feeding machine……
Mobile phone control
In recent years, with the rapid development of digital communication technology and network technology, it is obvious to all that people are more and more eager to enjoy more convenient, faster, more intelligent and more comfortable digital smart home life. In traditional home life, many household appliances such as air conditioning, color TV, home theater and so on are controlled by remote control switch and choose programs. Have you ever wanted to use your mobile phone to control your home appliances? Mobile phone control home appliances is not a dream, the development of smart home let us realize the yearning for life, let us enjoy the new life brought by smart home.
Intelligent Security
Indoor anti-theft, robbery prevention, fire prevention, gas leakage prevention and emergency rescue functions, fully integrated voice telephone remote control, timing control, scene control, wireless forwarding and other intelligent lighting and home appliance control functions; No need to rewire, plug and play, easy to achieve home intelligent security; Preset anti-theft alarm telephone; Reliable quality, stable performance, no longer need to worry about the safety of home, property safety, safety of life.

Current situation of development

In Singapore, nearly 5,000 households in nearly 30 communities (housing estates) have adopted the “Smart Home System”, and nearly 40,000 households in the United States have installed such “smart home system”.