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Wall Architectural terms The wall mainly includes load-bearing wall and non-load-bearing wall, which mainly plays the role of enclosure and separation of space. The wall of a building with load-bearing structure is a combination of load-bearing and enclosure. The role of the wall of a building with skeleton structure system is to enclose and separate […]

Building intercom Security protection system Building intercom is a security system. It is a management system, commonly known as building intercom system, that realizes the communication between visitors, residents and property management center in multi-storey or high-rise buildings, carries out information exchange and realizes the safe access control of the community. Visitors can conveniently call […]

Professional and technical personnel refer to technical personnel who, in accordance with the national laws and regulations on human resources, have passed the national examination of the State personnel department, have been registered and put on record by the competent ministries and commissions of the State, have been issued a registered practice certificate, and are […]

Anti-technical opening refers to the non-violent opening of anti-theft lock or anti-theft door, the door lock or anti-theft door will be opened on the premise of not damaging the external door lock and lock core, it is an indicator of whether the anti-theft level of anti-theft door and anti-theft lock. Class A anti-theft door, anti-theft […]

In 1895, German overtone made the world’s first direct current hand drill. The shell is made of cast iron and can be drilled with a 4mm hole in the steel plate. Hand drill is a portable small drilling tool, which is composed of a small motor, a control switch, a drill chuck and a drill […]

Intelligent home system is based on the use of advanced computer technology, network communication technology, intelligent cloud control, comprehensive wiring technology, medical electronics technology in accordance with the principle of ergonomics, integration of individual needs, The various subsystems related to home life such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas valve control, information appliances, scene […]

According to the different principles of the lock core, anti-theft locks can be divided into bullet locks, blade locks, magnetic locks, smart card locks, fingerprint locks and so on. Technical specifications Security lock main technical indicators Serial number inspection item technical standard Class A (line standard) Class B (line standard) Super Class B (enterprise standard) […]

Equipped with anti-theft lock, in a certain period of time can resist the abnormal opening under certain conditions, with a certain security protection performance and in line with the corresponding anti-theft security level of the door. The full name of anti-theft door is “anti-theft security door“. It has both anti-theft and security performance. According to […]