Equipped with anti-theft lock, in a certain period of time can resist the abnormal opening under certain conditions, with a certain security protection performance and in line with the corresponding anti-theft security level of the door.
The full name of anti-theft door is “anti-theft security door“. It has both anti-theft and security performance. According to the provisions of “General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft security doors”, qualified anti-theft doors can not pry open or open a 615 square centimeter opening on the door door within 15 minutes by using ordinary hand tools such as chisels, screwdriver, crowbar and portable electric tools such as hand drill, or open a 38 square millimeter opening in the semi-circle of 150 square millimeters at the locking point. And the locks used on the anti-theft door must be the special locks with anti-drilling function that have passed the inspection center of the Ministry of Public Security. Anti-theft doors can be made of different materials, but only to meet the standards of testing qualified, to obtain the security of the product license door can be called anti-theft doors.


According to the anti-theft security level is divided into four levels, respectively A, B, C, D four levels from high to low, decreasing in turn.


It is mainly reflected in the intelligence of its key components (locks), including all kinds of electronic anti-theft locks that have been widely used, such as fingerprint, password, IC card locks and so on. With the progress of technology, in addition to replacing the traditional mechanical locks with intelligent locks, the security door of the Internet of Things will also be combined with the smart home system with security, home appliance control, elderly and children care and other functions, and can realize networking alarm, video surveillance, data transmission and remote control and other functions, which are the embodiment of intelligence.

Standard of performance

Standard of execution
General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft safety Door GB/T 17565-2007

Technical Performance
(1) The surface of door frame and door leaf should be smooth and clean, without obvious dents and mechanical damage.
(2) The nameplate mark should be correct, firm and clear.
(3) Anti-theft security door should have permanent anti-theft security level mark.
(4) Anti-theft security level mark consists of its Chinese code and flat circle, the Chinese code should be located in the diameter of Φ25mm flat circle.
(5) In the form of song typeface gravure printing permanently fixed on the inside hinge side corner, from the ground height of 1600mm±100mm position.
Sheet and material
(1) Sheet material can be selected from steel, stainless steel, steel/wood, copper or other composite materials.
(2) Thickness of steel sheet
a) The door frame shall be 2.00mm, 1.80mm and 1.50mm respectively according to the level B, C and D of anti-theft security.
b) The thickness of the outer panel and inner panel of the door fan is expressed in the form of “outer panel/inner panel”. According to the B, C and D levels of anti-theft security, 1.00mm/1.00mm, 0.80mm/0.80mm, 0.80mm/0.60mm should be selected respectively.
c) The thickness of the plate of a Class A anti-theft safety door shall be selected according to the product design under the condition that the thickness conforms to its anti-damage performance. If the steel plate is selected, the thickness should not be lower than the thickness and allowable deviation requirements of the door frame and door fan of Class B anti-theft security level.
Not up to standard
Unqualified anti-theft doors, as the name suggests, can not reach the national standard of anti-theft doors. Substandard security doors are available in a variety of markets, as long as consumers keep a calm mind. Don’t be tempted by low price doors. It is almost impossible to buy a substandard security door.
Pick lock core
First, look at the key to the door lock. The more teeth the key has, the deeper it is, the more complex the lock arrangement and the more difficult it is to open.
Second, look at the color of the locks. Good quality locks are processed by electroplating, with good luster and smoothness. Among them, if the color is dark yellow, it should be copper core. This material is strong, so it has good protection.
Third, look at the weight of the lock. The heavier the weight, the better the material of the lock core, the better the quality of the lock core, the more beads inside the lock core, the better the protective performance of the lock.


There are many kinds of anti-theft doors on the market today. According to the standard GB25-92 “General Technical Conditions for anti-theft security doors” issued by the Ministry of Public Security, anti-theft doors can be divided into three kinds: fence-type anti-theft doors, solid doors and compound doors.
Fence type anti-theft door is usually more common by steel pipe welded anti-theft door, its biggest advantage is ventilation, light, beautiful appearance, and the price is relatively low. The upper part of the anti-theft door is fence-type steel pipe or steel plate, and the lower part is cold-rolled steel plate, which is locked with multiple locking points to ensure the anti-skid ability of the anti-theft door. But in the anti-theft effect is not as closed security door.
The solid door is extruded by cold rolled steel plate. The door plate is all steel plate. The thickness of steel plate is mostly 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm, which has strong impact resistance. The double steel plate of the door fan is filled with rock wool thermal insulation and fireproof material, which has the functions of anti-theft, fire prevention, heat insulation and sound insulation. General solid security doors are equipped with cat eyes, doorbell and other facilities.
The composite security door is composed of solid door and fence type security door, which has the characteristics of anti-theft, anti-fly mosquito in summer, ventilation and cooling, and warm and sound insulation in winter.

According to the structural characteristics, there are mainly several types of push-pull fence anti-theft door, flat fence anti-theft door, plastic relief anti-theft door and multi-functional luxury anti-theft door. For the general consumer, the residents of the security door is mainly flat security door. Flat door is one of the most popular security doors in the market. Some standards call this type of door in the door or an entry door, indicating that it is a door that separates the indoor from the outdoor. Therefore, in addition to anti-theft, it is also involved in thermal insulation, sound insulation, beauty and many other aspects. Flat door from the form of: ordinary flat door, door in the door, one and a half door and compound door. An ordinary flat door is a closed door with a single open door. The door in the door has the advantages of fence door and flat door. The part of the outer door is the fence door, and there is a small door behind the fence door. Opening the small door can be used as the fence door ventilation and other purposes, and closing the small door as the flat door. The one and a half door is generally used for the house with large door frame, which ensures the convenience of access at ordinary times and also allows the convenience of moving large furniture into the house. Compound doors are also called one frame two doors, the front door is a fence door, the back door is a closed flat door.

Key Points of Installation
(1) The installation of the anti-theft door should be based on the type of the anti-theft door used, and the appropriate installation method should be adopted.
(2) The door frame of the burglar proof door can be fixed with the wall by expansion bolts, or iron parts can be embedded at the entrance of the wall when the wall is being built, and the door frame connector can be welded firmly during installation.
(3) No matter what connection mode is adopted between the door frame and the wall, there should be no less than 3 anchorage points on each side, and they should be firmly connected.
(4) When installing the anti-theft door, it should be straightened and hoisted first. After the size is appropriate, it should be temporarily fixed, corrected and adjusted. After no error, it can be connected and anchored.
(5) The sliding door is required to be flexible after installation; The flat door is convenient to open, close tightly and firmly, without the phenomenon of self-opening and self-closing.
(6) Anti-theft devices should be installed between the door frame and the door leaf or other parts.
(7) The handle, door lock, observation hole and other hardware accessories on the security door must be complete; Multifunctional security door password guard lock, electronic alarm password system, doorbell paging devices, must be effectively improved.
(8) It is required that the clearance with the ground plane should not be more than 5mm.
Level of security
Of course, the introduction of the manufacturer and seller alone is far from enough, it is important to review the relevant documents in detail. Anti-theft door is an important product related to the life and property safety of thousands of households.
Legal production and distribution of anti-theft doors should meet the following two conditions:
① A production and distribution license issued by the local Public Security Bureau’s Technical Prevention Management office is required.
② The production and distribution of anti-theft doors must pass the inspection of the regional technical supervision bureau and the product quality supervision and inspection stations authorized by the public security organs according to law. The security door produced by the regular manufacturer should have the certificate of safety grade.
Consumers should choose the level reasonably according to the specific use and anti-theft requirements of the anti-theft door.


The anti-theft door is mainly divided into five kinds from the material: steel, steel and wood structure, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and copper, they have their own characteristics in quality and performance, and the natural price is not the same.
It can be said that it is the most commonly seen in the market and used by the common people. Most of the security doors that people are familiar with belong to this series. This kind of door price is lower and reasonable, its sales account for more than 90% of the total sales of the market. The disadvantage of this kind of door is that the exterior line is hard, and it is difficult to integrate with modern interior decoration.
Steel wood door
It is a kind of door that can be matched in interior decoration. Generally, it can be requested by the user. The anti-theft performance is achieved by the steel plate in the middle. It is therefore more expensive than steel security doors.
Aluminium alloy
The aluminum alloy material used for this door is different from the ordinary aluminum alloy doors and Windows we see. It has higher hardness, bright color, and decorated with decorative patterns, giving a person a sense of resplenence and brilliance. It is a mid-range anti-theft door. Because this kind of door is not easy to fade, so it also has a certain consumer group.
Stainless steel
Stainless steel security door is strong and durable, higher security. There are many colors in the market stainless steel anti-theft door, such as silver, yellow titanium, rose gold, red titanium, black titanium, rose, and many other colors, but also stamping patterns, generally steel anti-theft door patterns in stainless steel doors generally can be realized, the price of stainless steel door on the market is 400-700, depending on the material is 201 or 304. Do stainless steel door is best to choose a larger manufacturer close to the installation site, do after-sales price comparison is convenient.
Most of the copper anti-theft doors will be the traditional anti-theft and door into one, advanced style, and in fire prevention, anti-corrosion, anti-skid, dust-proof aspects of good performance. From the material point of view, copper anti-theft door is the best, from the price point of view, it is also the most expensive, the market can see the basic price of more than ten thousand yuan, the most expensive can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan. It is mainly used for banks and other financial institutions or senior residential villa use.

Dimension open direction

National standard door generally has four specifications, height of 2050mm and 1970mm two kinds of height, width of 860mm and 960mm two kinds, combination can be: 2050*860, 2050*960, 1970*860, 1970*960, the height of 2050mm is the total height of 2.05m door frame, if the user door height is 2070mm, you can buy 2050mm height, need to leave about 20mm, easy to adjust during installation. The door can be divided into two types: outside and inside, but the direction of the door is identified outside. Directions are: outside left open, outside right open, inside left open, inside right open. The resolution to the hinge (hinge) side shall prevail. Outside the left open for example: people in the outdoor facing the door, the hinge (hinge) on the left side is outside the left open, and so on.

How to Pick

To identify
First, the seller is required to show the relevant departments of the “inspection certificate”, check whether it meets the national mandatory standard GB17565-1998 technical requirements.
Second, remove the cat eye, doorbell box or lock handle, check the internal structure of the door body. There should be several reinforcing bars inside the door to organically connect the front and rear panels of the door body. It is best to have asbestos in the door with fire prevention, thermal insulation, sound insulation function of the material as a filler.
Third, check whether the lock adopts the anti-theft special lock that has been tested by the public security department, and whether the steel plate is strengthened to protect the lock installation.
Fourth, check the process quality of the product, whether there are welding defects, and whether the match between the door leaf and the door frame is dense.
Fifth, take a look at the weight of the anti-theft door, the weight of the regular anti-theft door is not less than 40 kilograms.
Identification Tips
At present, anti-theft door products are uneven, some businesses like grocery stores, operating a variety of anti-theft doors, the majority of consumers how to identify, buy qualified anti-theft doors? To summarize:
1. Grade standard: The security level of the security door can be divided into Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D, among which Class A has the highest anti-theft performance, Class B and Class C are followed by Class D and Class D is the lowest. Most of what we see in the building materials market are Grade C and Grade D security doors, which are more suitable for general family use.
2, Check the steel plate: the state regulations, the steel plate thickness of anti-theft door should reach 1 mm, but some enterprises in order to reduce costs, some only use 0.4 mm steel plate, plate thin will lose the significance of anti-theft. According to anti-theft door merchants, consumers can test the steel plate, you can press the steel plate in the door, if the steel plate is pressed down, it shows that the quality of the anti-theft door is not up to standard.
3, check under the step: qualified security door under the step of stainless steel material, but some small workshops in order to reduce the cost, actually use stainless iron.  the boss introduced a tip to identify, the suction stone on the next step, if the suction stone is difficult to take away, indicating that the next step material is not qualified.
4, a good lock is not only more than the lock point: security doors with qualified locks generally use three-way lock, not only the door lock, the upper and lower bar can be inserted into the lock, the door is fixed. Often some businesses use lock more to attract consumers, in fact, a good lock is not the more the better, the lock core is not anti-theft, no more than the lock point is useless.

The principle of
Purchase can be based on personal preference and economic conditions to decide. Specific consumers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing anti-theft doors:
(1) Consumers should choose the appropriate anti-theft safety door according to the actual requirements of the door size, opening direction, color pattern and so on.
(2) Anti-damage function is the most important function of anti-theft safety door, when buying can require the seller to show the inspection certificate of the relevant departments, product quality should meet the national standard GB17565-2007 “anti-theft safety door general technical conditions” technical requirements.
(3) The steel plate thickness of qualified anti-theft security door frame should be more than 2mm, the thickness of the door body is generally more than 20mm, should check the weight of the door body, generally should be more than 40kg, and can be checked by removing the cat eye, doorbell box or lock handle and other ways to check the internal structure of the door body, the steel plate thickness of the door body should be more than 0.5mm, there are several reinforced steel skeleton, The front and back panels of the door body are organically connected together to enhance the overall strength of the door body. The door is generally filled with polyurethane or honeycomb paper, which has the function of heat preservation and sound insulation. Among them, the fire door should be filled with asbestos (fire cotton) and other materials with fire protection function as filler, and the door body should be knocked with the hand to make a “knock” sound. Consumers should be flexible in opening and closing the door with their hands. Door-to-door network to remind consumers of fire door production should have the national promulgation of the production of fire door qualification certificate.
(4) Check the process quality: special attention should be paid to check whether there are welding defects, such as open welding, not welding, welding leakage and other phenomena. To see whether the match between the door fan and the door frame is dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, whether all the joints are dense, the surface of the door panel should be anti-corrosion treatment, generally should be spray painting and plastic spraying, the surface of the paint layer should be no bubbles, uniform color, most of the doors are also embedded in the door frame with rubber seals, closing the door will not make a harsh metal collision sound.
(5) Lock inspection: Qualified anti-theft doors generally adopt anti-theft special locks that have been tested and qualified by the public security department. At the same time, steel plates with a thickness of 3.0mm or above should be used for protection at the lock place. Now there are many anti-theft locks that are multi-directional locks. The advantage is that not only the door lock, but the upper and lower bar can be inserted into the lock and the door can be fixed. Greatly increase the skid resistance of the door. According to the door-to-door network to understand the Ministry of Public Security issued by the “GA/ T73-94 Mechanical Burglar-proof lock” clearly stipulated that the mechanical burglar lock is divided into general protection level and senior level, to A and B level to express. A class A lock refers to a lock that is resistant to destructive opening for no less than 15 minutes and is resistant to technical opening for no less than 1 minute. A class B lock refers to a lock that is resistant to destructive opening for no less than 30 minutes and is resistant to technical opening for no less than 5 minutes. (Anti-technical opening refers to the lock that is resistant to the ability of lock professionals to open the lock with special tools and operation techniques.) And in the same situation, the security performance of Class B lock is 5 times that of class A lock. High quality security door brands will also use super B lock.
(6) Brand assurance: Brand is the symbol of product quality and service. Brand mainly refers to the product brand and dealer brand, in the market to buy security doors, it is best to buy regular large home building materials city. When buying, attention should also be paid to the “FAM” logo of the security door, the name of the enterprise, the implementation of the standard and other contents. Only the door that meets the standard can be safe and reliable.
(7) After installing the anti-theft door, the user should first check whether the key, insurance policy, invoice and after-sales service sheet and other accessories and data are consistent with those provided by the anti-theft door manufacturer, and the situation of missing keys should not occur. When using the key to open the lock installed in the door body, the lock core should be easy and flexible, no stuck phenomenon; The door should be flexible and free in the process of opening 90 degrees, without jamming resistance, abnormal sound, etc.
Consumer protection Commission reminds: consumers in the purchase of anti-theft doors, should understand, choose the strength of the well-known brand, product quality excellent, and check the operator provided product inspection report; When ordering, the words “security door” must be marked on the invoice to prevent counterfeiting; When installing the anti-theft door, carefully check the appearance, if necessary, tear off the protective film for a comprehensive inspection, and ask for warranty card, invoice and other documents, so as to timely rights protection in the future. Relevant administrative law enforcement departments should also strengthen supervision, and strive to contain the inferior security door flooding the market from the source. Vigorously publicize and implement the new security standards for anti-theft doors, improve the quality of after-sales service, and return consumers a harmonious, safe and assured consumption environment.
The main points of
1. Distinguish security doors: In addition to anti-theft doors on the market, there are steel entry doors, anti-theft doors, security doors, armored doors and so on. The so-called real anti-theft doors must be tested by legal detection institutions. The only anti-theft door standard in China is the GB17565-1998 “General Technical Conditions for anti-theft security Doors” developed by the Ministry of Public Security in 1998. It is clearly pointed out that a main standard of anti-theft door is the abnormal opening time of the anti-theft door for 15 minutes, that is to say, in 15 minutes, the use of chisel, screwdriver, crowbar and other ordinary tools and portable electric tools such as hand drill can not break the door, is the real material of the “anti-theft door”, and the standard into the door for the abnormal opening time of 5 minutes, in addition, Another standard for security doors is the thickness of the facade >=0.8mm and the thickness of the iron sheet of the door frame >=1.5mm.
2. Anti-theft lock: anti-theft lock is the most important part of the door. The performance of anti-theft lock is directly related to the security of the door. The burglar-proof lock should be anti-drilling, anti-saw, anti-skid, anti-pull, anti-impact and anti-technical opening functions. The locks used on the security door are divided into single point lock and multi-point lock. The so-called single point lock means that the lock locks the door through the lock itself. Multi-point lock means that in addition to itself, it drives the secondary lock at the same time to form multiple lock points and distribute them around the door frame to enhance the anti-skid performance.
3, the purchase of comprehensive consideration point: after understanding the above two main points, followed by some selection factors: before buying to shop around, the same style, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, to see whether the material is thick. Steel door frame made of steel plate thickness. Steel plate surface treatment is high finish, no rough foaming, thick steel plate beating up the sound quality is stuffy, weigh its weight, roughly determine whether the door is solid. The structure should be reasonable. At the same time do fine, solder joint uniform and dense. Whether the lock is flexible when opening and locking the door. When opening or closing the door, whether the door fan is easy, there should be no stuck or noise with the door frame and other phenomena, whether the gap between the door fan and the door frame is too large or too small, the door fan and the door frame should be equipped with anti-theft chain, whether the installation of anti-theft chain is firm, whether the handle is flexible and firm rotation. Know the name, address, contact person and telephone number of the sponsor and manufacturer, so that the quality problems can be solved in time.

International standard

The General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft safety doors, which have been implemented for 8 years, will implement the new national standard from April 1, 2008. The new national standard divides the anti-theft security level of anti-theft doors into four levels: “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”. The anti-theft security performance of different anti-theft levels of anti-theft doors is different, among which, the anti-theft time of anti-theft doors shall not be less than 6 minutes.
The new standard is mandatory for the provisions related to the security performance of the security door. According to the anti-damage time, plate thickness and other indicators, the standard of anti-theft door products were divided into anti-theft security levels, the new standard will anti-theft security level from the original “C”, “B”, “A” 3 levels, to “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” 4 levels. The new security levels have pinyin code names of “J”, “Y”, “B” and “D”. A is the highest and decreases accordingly.
Anti-theft doors of different anti-theft levels have different anti-theft security performance. Such as damage prevention time: Class A security door shall not be less than 30 minutes, Class B shall not be less than 15 minutes, Class C shall not be less than 10 minutes, Class D shall not be less than 6 minutes; The number of locking points between the door frame and door fan shall be no less than 12, 10, 8 and 6 of class A, B, C and D security doors respectively; And the steel plate thickness of the door frame A, B, C, D should be selected 2mm, 2mm, 1.8mm and 1.5mm, etc. Consumers can choose their own security door according to the demand.
According to the new standard, the lock of the anti-theft door should be able to open the door within the anti-damage time, even if the drill off the lock core, pry off the lock body connection to remove the lock, or through the upper and lower clearance into the pry tool, loosen the lock tongue, etc.; The effective length of the main lock tongue of the security door should not be less than 16mm, and there should be a locking tongue stop device.

The new standard also adds content that can help consumers identify the authenticity of security doors, requiring that security doors have permanent fixed markings. The security door marking consists of three parts. The marking symbols are pinyin letters. From left to right, they are respectively the security door code (FAM), security level and enterprise custom features (including enterprise code and product code). Among them, the anti-theft security level mark is permanently fixed on the inside hinge side corner, and the height from the ground is 1600mm±100mm.
In the new standard, the security door, security door, entry door, security door, protective door, steel door and other nearly ten kinds of related names of the “door” are all included in the “D” level of anti-theft security door. Yang Yucai, a researcher with the Xi ‘an Technology and Defense Office, said that the new standards, no matter what the product itself is called, are included in the “D” range and must be produced in accordance with the “D” requirements. According to the new standard, all doors, no matter what material or name of the door will be included in the ranks of security doors, and then according to the requirements of the new standard divided into A, B, C, D, and all non-standard doors and interior doors are called interior doors. Therefore, security doors and indoor doors will represent all categories on the market

Thickness of steel plate for door frame
Thickness of outer panel of door leaf
Thickness of inner panel of door leaf
Degree locking points
Anti-damage opening time
Letter representation

Safety knowledge
According to the different structure of anti-theft security door, it can be divided into three types of door types: flat anti-theft security door, fence type anti-theft security door and fence type folding door. But now used in the residential as a household door is mainly flat anti-theft security door, fence type anti-theft security door is mainly used with the building intercom electronic control system products, as a community or residential walkway building intercom door. Sliding doors are mainly used in small commercial stores.
Daily maintenance
1. When the key can not be completely inserted into the keyhole when opening the door, if it is in winter, first check whether the keyhole is frozen; In other seasons, check the keyhole for foreign objects.
2. If you hear the sound of metal friction when opening and closing the door, you can try to drop a little lubricating oil on the hinge of the anti-theft door. If it is invalid, you can find a professional maintenance worker.
3. When the anti-theft door is closed, the resistance is too large. A little lubricating oil can also be applied to the movable lock tongue.
4. When installing the anti-theft door, we should carefully fill the cement to effectively combine the door frame with the wall, which can also make the door body and the door frame maintain a reasonable coordination, long-term use without worrying about deformation.
5. If it is difficult to insert the lock core when opening the door, you can apply a little graphite. Or insert a pencil lead into the lock.
6, in the cold area, the security door “winter” problem is also very important, because the indoor and outdoor temperature difference in the cold area is very large, it is easy to make the security door lock core damp, and then icing, to avoid this situation, before the arrival of winter, it is necessary to appropriate amount of two drops of antifreeze oil in the lock core, after the winter with gasoline or diesel cleaning. Do not use vegetable oil as a lubricant for the lock.